About us

WTS stands for World Tax Services and could not be a more fitting name for this organisation.

WTS-South Africa is a local partner of WTS Global – a global network of selected consulting firms with a global footprint and service lines represented in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Within our service portfolio we are focused on tax consulting and training services.

We provide stellar global tax processes, products, solutions and IT tools. Our service delivery team has a combined experience of more than 90 years.
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We pride ourselves

On being the preferred alternative to the Big Four with no statutory audit independence or conflict risks.

Our clients include multinational groups, local and international large and medium-sized companies, non-governmental organizations, private clients and governmental organisations.

WTS stands for World TAX Services

Our Vision

To be number 1 in the Global Tax Market

Our Mission

The preferred alternative to the Big Four. One firm – one governance Global coverage.

Meet the executive team

Charl Niemand
Director: Indirect Tax Service Line and Business Development

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Charl began his career at SARS as a Principal Tax Officer, Auditor and Head Office Training Officer, where he completed SARS’ much-acclaimed VAT I, II and III internal courses. He was responsible for training, audits, managing audit teams and handling disputes.

Following his experience at SARS, he went on to work at three of the Big Four – namely Deloitte, KPMG and Ernst & Young. Charl advanced his career in Indirect Tax, whilst working in research units, as a Partner/Director in Product Development and was involved in various Global leadership structures and different Tax Steering Committees. Charl, as the Africa Indirect Tax Leader at Ernst & Young, also hosted a first truly African Indirect Tax Conference.

The next career move took Charl into various initiatives such as tax technologies and finally into WTS South Africa. Charl contributes to the regional and global strategy and is responsible for, product development, client service, risk and dispute management and providing technology solutions to WTS’ clients in South Africa and Africa.

Charl is proud to contribute his over 22 years of experience to WTS Global’s team of more than 220 indirect tax professionals with over 120 dedicated indirect tax specialists.


Mardiliana Santana
Director: Global Employment Tax

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Marty (as she is more commonly known), has been in business for many years working in various audit companies tax department. She  worked as a consultant for Deloitte where she first worked in a division that set up tax products to be utilised by the tax department at Deloitte.

She then moved to the Global Employment and Immigration Services department within tax where she dealt with high net worth individual’s tax and financial planning and also assisted with expatriate tax matters.

BDO South Africa Advisory Services was the next move in Marty’s career. As the Tax Director, she managed high net worth individuals, PAYE,expatriate compliance and the consulting division. During this time she also provided PAYE workshops through SAICA.

Before joining Deloitte, Marty managed her own business, where she offered dealt with high net worth individuals and trusts. She also assisted them with the accounting, payrolls and income tax matters.

Marty now brings her 35 plus years of specialist global employment consulting to companies who have many expatriate employees through WTS-South Africa. She also consults and trains on tax and salary cost matters to companies to ensure companies payrolls are tax compliant. She is on the SAIT committee for high net worth individuals and SAICA’s PAYE committee advising on legislative matters before promulgation.